David Becher



David Lee Becher


St Louis, MI – August 24th 1988


Carvin IC 5 string bass, Warwick Corvette, Suzuki Upright


French toast, Pancakes, Being bold, “Thumping” and “Grooving”


My musical instruction began with the recorder in elementary school. In fifth grade I took piano lessons until I found out my instructor also taught saxophone, and began playing alto sax. When I entered junior high school, I was asked to play clarinet, which I played until I was told I could go back to playing sax, only this time the tenor sax. When I learned that my school had a baritone sax for the students, I immediately began learning that.
I played sax throughout junior high school and my first year of high school. At the start of my junior year, my friends had just formed a rock band.

Their guitarist was not showing up for rehearsal, so I suggested to the bassist that he play guitar and I would play bass. Two years later I began taking private lessons (still am,) and two years after that I enrolled at Colorado Contemporary Music College, where I earned my diploma in music education and performance. I play fretted, fretless and acoustic basses, and anything from jazz to fusion to country.