Tobe London



Tobe D London


March 12… sometime during the night.


Tama drums, Zildjian and some Sabian Cymbals.


Odd meters, Trance music, Pads and Cats.


Tobe was born in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and grew up mostly in the small town of Woodland Park, Colorado. He started playing drums at the age of 9 but his love for drums and music really blossomed while in the WP high school marching band.

“It was just this amazing time for me! The band teacher was Craig H Harms and he is this amazing, inspirational and wonderfully motivating guy. I’m also very proud of the fact that many of my best friends from then are still my best friends today! It was an exceptional experience for many of us.”

Tobe has never faltered in his passion for music and has been in many bands since those days back in Woodland Park. Alt Rock to Prog Rock, Pop to Fusion, gig after gig and quite a few recordings. As always, Tobe is involved with more than one project and is also starting his own audio and multimedia production company.

“My personal journey with playing drums has been quite a ride! I’m really grateful for all the friends and crazy characters I’ve met along the way. Really though… these times really are the best ever!”